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I stand up package repositories when I need something unavailable from the vendor and existing third-party repositories. Anyone who finds themselves with similar needs is welcome to use these.



Rebuilds of vendor packages with patchsets for Callisto Desktop applied, and a handful of my own ports. This repository is a couple of years out of date, as I've migrated my bleeding-edge Linux environments to Gentoo for better platform support and a more mature packaging system.

The repository is still available for historical reference, and in case I need to dust it off and resume using it in the future.


Rebuilds of vendor packages with patchsets for Callisto Desktop applied. A few packages are homemade ports of software not supplied by Debian, or not built for PowerPC by the Debian maintainers.


I want to host binary packages for Gentoo soon (largely for the benefit of my laptops and virtual machines), but I need to look into the details.


My own builds from the spec-files-extra repository. Some packages are built slightly differently, as the upstream repository targets all SunOS platforms, including Illumos-based distributions, and it more readily bypasses vendor packages in favor of its own to satisfy dependencies. I try to contribute version updates absent other changes, and new SPECs where appropriate, to the upstream repository.

My repository contains many older desktop packages from my history as a Solaris desktop user, but recent builds are focused on server applications and infrastructure.