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A pair of Command Classic Compact keyboards in TOFU60 2.0 cases, currently in the design phase. Builds will hopefully be finished during Summer 2023.

Build 4J

A JIS keyboard that I expect to use at work. The split space bar is a first, which I have been reluctant to try so far, but I think an asymmetrical split with the larger portion to the left will be comfortable (I almost always hit space bars towards their left, with my left thumb), and facilitate input mode control using the Fn layer.


Keycap choice will probably be centered around EnjoyPBT SimpleJA R2. I have sets of these to spare, I know they work well, and the idea for this build is a somewhat muted look. The current plan is to use Retro Dark Lights for the modifiers, although EnjoyPBT Travelling should ship in the not too distant future, and I may use them instead if they show up soon enough and I am feeling more conservative.


A split space bar is the one notable departure from prior work. I have considered using an off-center 3U space bar, based on observed patterns of how and where I tend to hit the 4.5U space bars on my existing keyboards. An advantage of this, aside from parts availability, is that shorter space bars rely less on their stabilizers, and my office keyboards tend to wear a little bit more quickly than the ones I use at home. I am adding a 1.5U right space bar, too, because I am still a little bit skeptical of having only 3U for space with multilingual usage, and because mapping Fn+left/right space to language keys like Eisuu/Kana can help with more finegrained control of input modes. Depending on how this goes, some future builds may feature a 3U space bar exclusively.


Kailh BOX White will most likely go in this one, because they are a proven favorite of mine, and I have a stock of them. Switches are not easily changed after building, and I want to take this to work, so, again, conservative goals have me leaning towards the familiar.

Build 4K

A Korean ANSI keyboard, because I want to be able to use something with Hangul legends when working extensively with Korean text. The keymap is more or less a combination of the established Command Classic ANSI design with right-side language keys as in Build 2.


EnjoyPBT BoW Hangul will form the base, and modifiers will likely be Keychron Dolch Pink, at least at first, because I have some that could be freed up, and they have all of the necessary Mac legends but NOT a 1.75U Shift key, which means they ideally need to go on an ANSI keyboard.


Everything above the bottom row is standard fare Command Classic ANSI, just like Build 3.

The bottom row takes after Build 2, just with the sizes of Option and Fn adjusted, and the language keys right of the space bar programmed for Korean instead of Japanese. I also intend to stick with a 4.5U space bar for this one. A conservative keymap for the first Korean keyboard with a new switch model.


The plan is to use dangkeebs Cookies n' Cream, which I am hoping will feel somewhat like a Realforce R2. This is very much an experiment, but I have a good feeling about these switches, and the stakes are lower as this is going to be an auxillary keyboard for a specific task.